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army aviation heritage foundation in georgia

Helicopter rides & free museum tours.

Army Aviation Heritage Foundation & Flying Museum

506 Speedway Blvd., Hampton, GA 30228
(770) 897-0444

Situated next to the Atlanta Motor Speedway at the Atlanta Speedway Airport, the Army Aviation Heritage Foundation & Flying Museum offers free hangar tours at its Legacy Chapter in Hampton, Georgia. Through patriotic flying presentations, static displays of the actual aircraft and equipment used by those who’ve served in Army Aviation and their ride program, which features rides in either a Bell UH-1H Huey or Bell AH-1 Cobra helicopter, the AAHF presents the story of Army Aviation, connecting the American solider to the American public.

The Army Aviation Heritage Foundation

A national, nonprofit public educational foundation, the AAHF acquires, restores and maintains vintage Vietnam-era aircrafts. Through flying presentations, helicopter rides, educational presentations and other events, their Sky Soldiers teach the public about Army Aviation. Volunteers are comprised of military veterans from several eras, including Vietnam, Gulf War and Operation Enduring Freedom – Afghanistan, as well as active and patriotic civilian members.

Flying Museum

The Army Aviation Heritage Foundation & Flying Museum Legacy Chapter in Hampton, Georgia operates three Bell UH-1H Huey helicopters and three Bell AH-1 Cobra helicopters from the Vietnam era. Take a ride at one of their scheduled events, or call the Legacy Hangar at 770-897-0444 to book a Huey or Cobra Ride Program piloted by military veterans. You can also visit the museum at no cost to experience narrated static displays.

If you are planning to visit the Henry County area, put the Army Aviation Heritage Foundation & Flying Museum on your itinerary, and explore the rich history of Army Aviation. For help planning your next trip to Henry County, GA, contact us today and discover more historic attractions.