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Holey Sweet Donuts

90 Hwy 138 East, Suite B., Stockbridge, Georgia 30281
(678) 915-2446

Whoever told you that you can’t have sweets for breakfast is totally wrong! (Um, unless it’s your mom… Hi, mom!) At Holey Sweet Donuts, the famous “Fruity Pebble” and “Maple Bacon” donuts bring you the ultimate combinations of breakfast and dessert. Among all that sweet bacon glory, Holey Sweet Donuts also brings you freshly baked apple fritters, bear claws, pistachio-topped, coconut, sprinkled, jelly-filled, and blueberry cake donuts. Oh, and you can’t forget the original, decadently glazed donuts! While you’re at it, pair your treat with one of their toasted breakfast sandwiches and a hot cup of coffee or a refreshing fruit smoothie. Stop on by and check them out for yourself. These treats are so great – even mom would approve!