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Big Zombie Tour 3

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With six seasons under its belt, The Walking Dead has covered a lot of ground around Metro Atlanta. Atlanta Movie Tours provides a whole new way to see the city as well as these key filming locations. Their Tour Guides are experienced actors who have worked on set, giving you fascinating behind-the-scenes stories you won’t hear anywhere else. They have recently stepped up to offer even more locations with the Big Zombie Tour 3 which fills in missing locations from Big Zombie 1 and 2! Spend 3 hours with an Insider as you visit more than 25 filming locations. See for yourself if Glenn made it out from under the dumpster and where Nicholas met his demise. While the tours starts in Haralson, Georgia tour sites include Hampton, Georgia. The tour is $65/person. Roundtrip transportation from Atlanta and to-go lunch packages are also available.
* This tour is about the show The Walking Dead, so children should be mature enough to handle content from the show